Keeping It Simple – Easy Fall Mug Mats

Happy September everyone.  Today I have a quick project and set of free fall leaf designs to kick off autumn.  The simple mug mats were going to be what I made last year for my girls group gifts when it was my turn to host.  Due to a family commitment I had to drop out of this group for a while so the idea never came into reality.  Now I have another reason to make some quick Fall hostess gifts and since I have LOTS of scraps and not much free time I decided to make these.  Here is the first one that I made in just a few minutes:

Here is what you need:

Three coordinating scraps of fabric about 7”X8” in size.

Scrap of batting about 7”X8” in size

Mug Mat leaf design (you can download this one at the bottom of the blog)

Cutaway stabilizer

Coordinating embroidery thread and matching bobbin

Lapel stick or another temporary adhesive

Pinking shears

Here is what you do:

  1. Hoop the soft cut-a-way stabilizer in your hoop.

  2. Load the design and sew the first color run on the stabilizer.        


3. Remove the hoop flip it over and using a little temporary adhesive (Lapel Sticks are great for this) adhere the corners of your back piece with right side facing you making sure to cover the design completely.

4.Flip the hoop over and adhere the batting and then the front bottom rectangle of fabric facing up.  

5.Carefully slid the hoop back on the machine and sew the second color run.  Do not cut anything yet.

6. Sew the third color run.  Remove the hoop and adhere the front top, face up, covering the design completely. 

7. Sew the fourth run and fifth pattern fill color run.  Carefully slide the hoop off and cut just around the front top design stitching using small embroidery snips or scissors.

8. Sew the final color run.  Remove the design from the hoop.  Use pinking shears to trim around the outside of the design.




The open fill stitch sets it off perfectly and they are so quick and easy to make.  Perfect for “the girls”, teachers, school bazar items, etc.  Or just make a few and toss them around the table center as a Fall accent.  I have included a larger size that I made as well for those who have a larger hoop.  The larger one makes a good hot mat for serving or hostess gift.  Just for fun!

Take care,


Mug Mat (61.6KB)

Mug Mat large (43.1KB)

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