Best Stabilizer for Stretchy Performance Knits? It’s in the Bedroom!

I just want to pass on the latest trend in stabilizers that is actually a blast from the past!

woven back
The new thin and stretchy performance knits with brand names like Under Armor and DriWick have given commercial embroiderers fits. After trying all available sources, they have turned to an “old school” solution that really works.

Before we had highly engineered non-woven stabilizers, we often used lightweight woven fabrics to stabilize knits and other unstable materials. Some astute industry suppliers are now offering woven polyester and polyester blends to production shops to relieve headaches caused by these stretchy knits that frequently are super thin as well.badge front


I can tell you that even though no one is currently offering these stabilizers to home embroiderers, you can use a home remedy in the meantime. Old bedsheets will do the trick! Just one sheet will go a long way, and you can buy a big supply at the thrift store. It might sound weird, but you can't argue with the results!


On a different subject,is everyone else noticing what I’m noticing? Suddenly it seems that embroidery is even more high profile than usual. It’s in the news, and featured prominently in advertising – both print and on-screen. Lots of companies are showing embroidered versions of their logos in their advertising. At the airport this week, an embroidered version of the ESPN logo graced the cover of the current issue of ESPN magazine.

The list goes on and on. Walgreen’s features their embroidered logo prominently in their television ads. Target stores do a pseudo stitch-out of their logo in their TV ad. A regional grocery store here in my area – Kroger – shows employees wearing vests with “Customer Service #1” embroidered in huge letters.


I’m not sure of the reason for the sudden flood of embroidered logos in ads, but I like to think that it’s because these companies recognize the upscale image that is instantly conveyed by the rich medium of embroidery.


Just last night I heard that Queen Elizabeth recently received an expensive embroidered pillow from Prince Charles for her birthday. And do you recall that Simon Cowell received a monogrammed scarf as a farewell gift from American Idol? I have always taken note of embroidery in the news, but it seems that embroidery is becoming even more high profile than ever. I have a fun idea - let’s keep track of it! Send information about your news or advertising sightings to me – I want to know how many times you see embroidery used in ads or in news stories. Maybe there are some regional examples that I wouldn’t see here in Texas. I’m looking forward to hearing about your embroidery sightings…

 May embroidery always bring you joy,

Deborah Jones


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