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This time of the year - where on earth did summer go?? - the kids are off to school and the temperatures make for a fantastic night's sleep.  I do love my craft and it always makes for a extra ordinary and thoughtful gift for just the right person.

You may have children or grandchildren, but even if you don't there is likely a grade school in your neighborhood.  Those who have attended these schools usually have fond memories and a place in their heart for the teachers and staff.  I was thinking about doing something special for them.


Mr. Smith:

Mrs. Jones



At first, I thought about items for a teacher's room.  Perhaps something that said "Mr. Smith has Class." Or as shown above.  But then I wanted to do something more spectacular.  Something for the whole school, perhaps a banner.

Perhaps there might be a contest to pick the top 5 designs to go on the streamer, and then create a hanging that would be about 32" wide by 36" long.  You can place a dowel on the 32" side so that the sign can be hung in a fun place, perhaps the cafeteria.

I would use something like denim so that it will hold up for the whole school year.  It would look something like this: 

If you are going to the school for any reason, don't forget to take something the teacher will need through the year.  Some things are:  Band-Aids, tissue, appropriate sized underwear and shorts for both boys and girls, (things can be difficult for our little ones) and other items that any child needs.  The last few years I have taken the packages of crackers and nuts that have smaller inner bags of items.  Some children don't qualify even if something is available.  These are left for their consumption.  

Did you see the great blog about decorations for a little girl's room?  The butterflies are FREE - really.

TIP: If you have flatware (do they still call it that??) - silverware or knives that have rust on them, soak them for 15 minutes in lemon juice.  The rust becomes loose and cleaning a snap.  Wash the item as usual afterward, acid is not friendly for metal.

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