Embroidery Advisor Presents: Rub a Dub Dub, your Critter Kid in the Tub

You either have a kid who hates bath time or loves it.  Why not try to make your kid’s time in the bath a little more fun?  How about sewing them a personalized animal towel/bathrobe that is all their own?  Have a look at the Critter Kids Bathrobe Design Pack to make a special towel/bathrobe for that little critter of yours.  

                                                                    Critter Kid Bathrobes

Whether your little one loves dogs or monkeys, we have a design just for you.  There are 12 different animal designs to choose from.  We also have easy step by step project instructions all ready for you, whether you are a newbie or a novice embroiderer.  To view these project instructions and more please click here.  There is also a suggested towel/wash cloth list available, so you will know just how much to buy before making that super cute bunny bathrobe. 

                                         Monkey Bathrobe                  Ladybug bathrobe

Wouldn’t these make just the cutest Christmas gift for all your children or grandchildren?  Can’t you just imagine the look on their faces when they open up the special gifts that you made them?  Take a look today at all the critter possibilities & happy sewing as this pack will be 50% off for a short time only!!   

                                            Critter Kid Bathrobes

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I just purchased these adorible designs. I want to make the towels and give them as Christmas gifts.

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