Remaking a Sweatshirt

I started this project over a year ago and for various reasons, I did not want to proceed with it.  So, I considered my work on this sweatshirt will be an experiment and discovery of what works and what did not. 

First I took a sweatshirt that I really did not wear anymore and I got some double sided fabric tape.  Can you tell how old this one is?  It cannot be 11 years already since the Millennium Bug was making us a little crazy!


My double face fabric tape is placed on the bottom edge just above the stitching line.  Since the bottom is somewhat gathered and the top straight, I was careful to make it a straight line and cut at that position.



I was pleased that it cut so cleanly.  I guess I expected it to be fuzzy or something.






Next I carefully lined up the front where the new seam will be.  Since this was a trial shirt, I wanted to be sure that I was going to be able to place a zipper there in my actual project.




Being paranoid, I actually placed two strips of the tape so that I would be cutting between them.  Actually, I usually do have trouble following a single line and have found that if accuracy is necessary, I personally need two lines.  You probably don't have that issue. . . .




When I got to the neckline, I placed tape on the inside as well as the outside.  I just did not know if the knit would ravel or not.  It did not.




I was happy with the remaining garment but added small darts (not shown in photo) in both the front and back for a little tailoring.  I have not found the sweatshirt I want to remake because I am looking for one that is blank and just the right shade of red.  I do have a great zipper that is really going to look great!  I have not yet decided on a design but I did decide not to make it holiday related.  I want something that says cool weather but not necessarily winter. 


I did find a couple of designs that I know will fit the bill for my idea but cannot make up my mind.  I love the Fall Leaves design from the Fall Harvest Collection of Dalco.



I also love the Reflection design - from the Cat N Stained Glass Collection.    You get 5 patterns and 3 sets of each for a total of 15 great projects per package.  All the Dalco products are totally fool proof and I like that a lot.  You get exactly what you see in the photo.




Happy holidays and a joyous Hanukkah to all my readers, regardless of your religious preference, we are glad for a season of peace, good fellowship and love.

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I've remodeled a few sweatshirts and haven't been able to make zippers work.  The shirt ripples.  Suppose the type of zipper is the problem, but just decided to stick with buttons.  Thank you for your blog.

I redo sweatshirts and use tape so the shirt would not stretch, but never thought of putting a zipper in.  Thanks for a great idea.

You are so welcome JimmieMJ.  We learn from each other!


I have remodeled a few sweatshirts too.  Can't get the zippers to work right.  Buttons and loops are more forgiving.

I didn't make them, but I have a couple sweatshirt jackets with zippers in them.  They are sewn in with a stretch serpentine stitch rather than a straight stitch.

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