Halloween Costume – A Dancing Princess


This week I finished putting up my Halloween decorations.  I made a few new ones this year, since my old ones were simply falling apart.  Instead of the scarecrow on the front door I made a wall hanging that is interchangeable for each holiday.  But that is a project I will share another day when I can get the instructions written up.  Of course if you read my last blog you saw this year's pumpkin masks.  For the school party we are making plain pumpkin masks for the kids to decorate and letting them pick little pumpkins to put them on and take home.  It should be fun but we will see how it goes.

Halloween is only a few days away and our oldest granddaughter is so excited.  She just loves to dress up and has several places to where her costume this year.  The first one is on Saturday night with her aunt so we had to scramble to finish her costume earlier than usual (yes, you know that I would have waited until the 29th to start it).  She wanted to be one of the 12 dancing princesses this year so we needed some sparkle.  She had a leotard so we embroidered a resized design on it (download the original below) and added hot-fix crystals.  Then we created the skirt from tulle (which we had) and added more hot-fix crystals.  Dancing shoes were needed but they cost a fortune and we have a $10.00 limit on Halloween costumes so we purchased some plain pink slippers added some ribbon and more crystals.  The crystals do not show in the picture very well but there are lots on the design and skirt.  The tiara was 50 cents from the party favor section at a local discount store.  Here is the result: 



To download the design click here

Let's see... to date she has been an angel, a white kitten (couldn't be a black one you know), a butterfly fairy and now a dancing princess.  Don't even mention anything scary!  And I guess our younger granddaughter will have to be a little dancing girl too since, at not quite two she wants to do whatever her sister is doing.  But I think hers will be even simpler (made from some white PJs) and a little purple embroidery.  Now, I just have to find time to get it done before the party next week (sigh).

I'm actually looking forward to Halloween this year.  I get to go to two parties with my little girls and the holiday is so much more fun with kids around.  Since I may not be able to write again until it's over, Happy Halloween to all of you!

Take care.


PS:  Here are some photos of past years in case you need an idea for a toddler girl. Maybe someday we'll have a little boy. 


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valleyquilter 10/25/2009 9:49:41 AM

They are all just adorable. Your very talented.!!

My lil girl is now 38, I have only one grandaughter she is 6, all the rest are boys, 5 of them. Ages from 21 to 7.

This is really cute!  How did you make the princess ballet skirt?

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