Monogramming your own Wedding Gifts !!

So, in the last year, I was lucky enough to get engaged, survived the familiy phone calls asking me about her, made it through an engagement party, a bridal shower, meeting her family and more people than I could ever hope to remember .. and, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner and in two days .. the best day of my life!!

We received a lot of great gifts from our family and friends .. but, I would like to make note of WHAT we didn't get ..
Don't get me wrong, we are greatful for the wonderful things people purchased for us .. but, NOT ONE is embroidered or monogrammed !!

We received sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, blankets for the house, blankets for picnics, napkins, cloth liners for the hamper .. his and her grilling aprons .. all perfect for monogramming .. but, nothing, or as my Italian grandmother used to say, "Assolutamente nulla!" (Absolutely nothing!)

So, I make mention to my mom about how nice it would have been to have had all these decorated with embroidery or monograms .. she tells me that she made sure that no one had them monogrammed because I would have been too critical of the work, and that I CAN embroider and monogram them !!

Oh well .. she's probably right !!

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Until next time,

Rick Macali


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