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Hello there, everyone.  First, I want to tell you the reason for the title of this BLOG.

Monday, I did exactly what I’ve been telling you all this time NOT TO DO.  I cut MY finger with the rotary cutter.  Yup!  I did it.  I am glad to say that it’s not very bad, none the less, your very own LaRueSews quilting blogger did the big NO-NO.  After more than fifteen years of rotary cutting and quilting, I should have learned by now.  First, I wasn’t cutting quilting fabric. FLEECE is another story completely.  Fleece is Hard to cut with the rotary cutter, because it is much thicker.  You can only cut two layers at once.  In fact, it really doesn’t work very well to cut more than one layer at a time.  Therein lies the problem . . . I was trying to cut more than one layer and my blade was getting dull.  BE CAREFUL while cutting fleece.  It is a totally different “animal.”  It just doesn’t act as well with a rotary cutter as other fabrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to use the RC for cutting fleece because it’s about the only way you can cut a clean and straight edge.  Use that RC for fleece, but be warned . . . it can be hazardous to your fingers, use a fresh blade, and don’t force the issue.  Take it slow and easy.  Your fingers will be all the better for it.  BTW, it could have been much worse.  ALSO, I didn’t do it just to have something to write about!

NOW, back to the subject at hand, Block of the Month.  To all of you who wrote comments last time about the printing on the block patterns, I am so sorry that you could not read the print very well.  I hope I can clear up the issues you had, and the questions about color.  Also, since many of you asked me questions about the printing and color, I did not get an accurate count of who is going to participate.  Please, if you plan to do the BOM tell me in the comments section, or by sending me an email directly.

I’m sorry to say that due to a trip I made last week, I have not had time to make my blocks as promised.  However, I will get it done by next time.

Let’s tackle the color issues first.  Someone asked what the darkest color is.  That color is a medium to dark blue, but not as dark as Navy blue.  The reds are any common-type red.  The light colors are off-white, a yellow and a gold.  There is a small bit of brown and some light blues.  None of the colors need to be exact.  You may even choose similar colors from your stash.  Or you may do it totally scrappy.  Your project will be fine if you choose colors that are just similar to those I have pictured.

I have tried many ways of copying, and pasting the RC instructions printed on each block pattern.  Due to the programing of the Quilt Design Wizard, I can’t make a direct copy and paste of the patterns.  It’s a matter of printing, scanning, cutting and pasting.  I am trying my best to make the instructions clear.  I hope you all understand that a less than literate internet blogger is at a disadvantage when it comes to getting pictures on line.  Please, if the printing is still not clear, ask me specific questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.  Also, it may help to enlarge your screen view to 125%.

You will see below the next block in LaRueSews BOM.  I am also adding the fabric requirements for the BOM, and the previous two blocks.  I hope it will be more clear and readable. The new block is the Flag block.  I have typed in the measurments below to make them easier to read.

Patch A- Cut 2,  12 1/2" long, 2" wide

Patch B- Cut 2, red and white   6 1/2" long,  1 1/2" wide

Patch C- Cut 3, red and white  12 1/2" long, 1 1/2" wide

Patch D- Cut 1,   6 1/2" long, 4 1/2" wide

Fabric Requirements:


Keep on quiltin’.  Have fun with this Block of the Month and don’t forget to keep me posted on your progress, by comments or by email.  Also, post any photos you like on the gallery.

Reminder:  Please, if you plan to do the BOM tell me in the comments section, or by sending me an email directly.  So far these are the names I have: Sandra, mgarvey, nursie76, mabsy, Bonita, and Elizabeth.  These are the names I’m not sure of: sewchicago, 65708rjane, and Sue.

Stitches to you,


Refer to these blogs for further instructions:

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All LaRueSews Readers:  The PS at the end of this blog states that I am out of town.  I cam back over a week ago and hve no plans to travel soon.  Feel free to comment and/or ask all the questions you can think of.


thecomputerist 9/18/2009 5:02:53 PM

I too have had problems cutting myself with an RC.  I can see that it is because of a dull blade which is sharp enough to cut skin!


vanvuurenannamarie 9/19/2009 8:56:16 AM

I am new at the blog. Don't now how it works. Iwould like to know about the bom project. Can I still stat the mystery quilt, where can I find previous blocks. Thanks. Annamarie from South Africa.


I have seen that you have already gone to my beginning blog that introduced the Block of the Month.  To view other post of my Blog, click on the link, just below my name that says Previous Blogs to begin reading my series on beginning quilting.  It began in July of 2008.  You will also find a box on the left side of this Blog page titled "Archives."  All of the Blog are listed ther and can be accessed just by clicking on them



maggiemilner 9/19/2009 11:03:12 AM

I don't know when I will be able to get around to doing your B of M Mystery Quilt, as I have a lot on the go at the moment preparing for our Guild Quilt Show, however I would like to get each block.  Where do I find the previous ones?  I have just received the flag block.  Thank you.

If anyone is interested in learning more about BLOGS, what they are, how they work, etc, click on this link"">

I plan to join you in your block of the month club.  I've copied the instructions for the first three blocks and am hoping that I can find suitable colors in the fabric I have on hand.  I was glad to see the American Flag block today because that will help me made sure I select colors that are appropriate.  Otherwise I will need to go out and buy additional fabrics.  Looking forward to the fun.


If you look just below my name at the bottom of the blog, you will see two links.  The first, "your Wish . . ." is the link to the BOM  introduction, the other one is the link to all of my previous blogs.  Hope you catch up with us soon.


Please, can you tell me you name or some nickname.

I'm glad you are joining us in the BOM.  The exact colors are not necessary.  Each quilt will be a personal expression of who you are.  I agree with trying to use the fabrics in your stash.  Smart idea, especially for a scrappy quilt


Someone sent me an email telling me that one of the measurmentd for the flag block is wrong in my reprint.  I KNEW I couldn't trust myself with copying from the original.  That's why I've tried so hard to copy from the it as is.

Anyway, for Patch C, it should be 1 1/2 inches for red and white strips, not 2 inches.

I hope you all are doing great tith my instructions.  I'm still trying to find the answer to clear reproductions of the block patterns.



Yesterday, someone commented on the blog, but my computer locked up before I could send an answer.  It wasn't on the comments when I restaarted the computer.  (must be a web site glitch)  If you sent me a question that was not answered, please send it again so I can give you an answer.



Hope you heal fast !!


I do not have a comment about the block of the month.  I just wanted you to know that when I was looking thru your archives I saw on the Nov 08 issue you spoke of a quilt store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  You did not remember the name.  I think the store you spoke of is actually in Canmore, Alberta...west of Calgary.  The name is "The Sugar Pine Quilt Shop."  It is worth the side trip if you are ever in the area.  Their website is


Actually, it was a very superficial cut, but it went through the nail and a bit of the finger.  But thanks for your good thoughts.  It is almost well already.  However, it was a teaching moment for me and gave me a chance to "preach," again, about keeping your wits about you when using rotary cutters.

Thanks for the info, Munga, but that doesn't sound the like the one we visited.  It was also a shop that appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting Sampler Magazine twice since Cathy and I were there.  The magazine, periodically makes a list of the ten best quilt shops.  Quite something that one shop should appear twice.

Also, thanks for going back to the archives to read the old stuff.

Stitches to  you,


Hi LaRue,

Please include me in you list for BOM.  I have already made the first 3 blocks.  Looking forward to the next one.



Oh my goodness, good for you.  I still need to make mine, but I'll get there.  Thanks for telling me to include you,

Stitches . .


Hi LaRue

Sorry not doing this one with you, am doing a fairly elaborate Christening Gown for my friend who has moved to New Zealand lots of lace & heirloom. I also have just recieved the last block for a BOM. I have not purchased any fabric yet. I wanted to see what the blocks looked like colourwise. It is Machine Embroidery & Applique,  I am thinking of velvet or velveteen for the aqqlique material.

I also thought this may be of interest to you <>; go to their blog, while you are on their site have a look at the Baltimore quilt.

Good luck with your BOM. I'll drop by each week to have a look.




I hope all the LaRueSews followers will take a look at the web link you posted.  The quilts, and machine embroidery are wonderful

Thank you,


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