Memories 4/16/09

I suppose Mother’s Day is my personal favorite holiday because my grownup kids actually understand what being a Mother, Father and Parent really means now.  When they were young and just making cards and trinkets, it was a time to be excited about giving me a little something made with their little hands.   They could not have been more proud of macaroni or mismatched beads; and I could not have been more proud of their artistic abilities.

I have so many memories and I want to share just one of them with you.  Despite being very poor and living in the toughest part of town, my mother always had time for her plants.  There were forsythia, grape vines, geraniums, and my personal favorite the Lily of the Valley bed just outside the kitchen door.   I felt like the Lily of the Valley was such a delicate and lovely flower and always have enjoyed seeing them in bouquets and arrangements.  I don’t see enough of them these days.

Wreath courtesy of: Classic Floral          Nosegay courtesy of:

Just arriving on the scene are new Alphabet Xpress fonts, and namely the Bonance, I knew I had to create something and adding the Lily of the Valley would be just a wonderful remembrance of those days long ago.  Then I found the design with a lovely bow arrangement of the flowers and my vision was complete.

Lily of the Valley Bouquet, AnnTheGran

I love working with Alphabet Xpress.  If you have not tried it yet, it is one of the most easily used software products for embroidery that is on the market. I think the best part of Alphabet Xpress is the fact that you can simply purchase and download/extract your font and everything is done for you!

After opening Alphabet Xpress, and in this example, I am selecting “Text” from the Menu Bar.

That opened the “Properties” Box where I select Bonance.

A simple typing in of my desired wording and I am nearly done!  That took about 30 seconds. . . .

From the File Menu in the upper right hand corner, I will select “Merge Stitch File” and load my design.

I selected and placed my design and all I have to do now is to save it.  How easy is that?!

To save, I selected the File Menu, and Save As.

I transferred my design to my software (PED-Basic) and sewed.  I love the result and hope you will try Alphabet Xpress because it is really that easy.

Use of the right tools always will lead you to a more professional project!

BTW-There are several really great photos of the Community Cirlce 2009 Event, be sure to stop in the Galleries, and see a few beautiful faces (and me too!).LOL  Add yours too!

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The blog looks wonderful.  Haven't had time to read it, for now, but I will.  It looks so goo, I can hardly wait to get back to it.  Just what I need when I get my Alphabet XPress up and running.

xoxo LaRue


Great instructions! I have Alphabet X-press, I just have to start collecting fonts. I probably have the same problem as so many others many ideas, so little time!

I can relate to your memories surrounding the Lilly of the Valley. African Violets spark memories of my mom. The kitchen window sills were lined with them!

Thanks for the simple but beautiful project. And thanks for the memories!


einfach ganz toll

gefällt mir sehr


Great instructions as usual.  I love the Lily of the Valley design.  Looks beautiful.  One questions though, can you use fonts other then ATG with Alphabet Express?


Alphabet Xpress is its own program and standard fonts do not work with it.

But the font designs are on sale, priced at 3 for the price of two, so it is a good deal.'

Fonts are a challenge for multiple reasons, and having well designed ones make for better projects.  I have some that have not been digitized very well, and it shows!


I do like my Alphabet Express.  It is fast and easy, my kind of software.



You questioned whether other fonts can be utilized with the ATG Alphabet Xpress.  Not quite sure of your question, but answering just to give some insight.

When I have a design that I would like to place a name, initials, etc., I do bring in other fonts from my "stash of designs".  I drop them into the Alphabet Xpress and am able to center, play around.  I use Alphabet Xpress for Monograms.  The grid is very helpful in lining up the letters.  

When completed, I save and it is ready to head to the machine.

In this aspect, other fonts can be utilized in Alphabet Xpress.  Fonts stored in the Alphabet Xpress must be Ann the Gran.


rubyredlady 3/27/2010 4:12:05 PM

ATG fonts & of course the program is just great, easy, and fun.

Yes, you have to use ATG fonts but you can buy them on special are one font at a time(you get Pretty fonts to start the ball rolling) The program is so very easy to do no learning curve.......JUST TRY IT you'll LIKE IT......

Probably a dumb question, but I have to ask -

I see "32 bit" - - will it work on 64 Bit Windows 7 operating system?

Marysewfun - Love your name!

I do believe the Alpha Xpress does work on the 64 bit.

You can select the "Contact" at the bottom of any page (in blue) to be sure.  

I use Alpha Xpress all the time.  I do embroidery for sale for brides.  So, I can do hankies in a snap!


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