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I was supposed to write a blog last week – but I was just getting home from the “Sewing & Stitchery EXPO” in Puyallup, Washington – and then my son Elliott and his wife Emily had our FIRST GRANDCHILD – a beautiful baby girl named Lillian Claire.

One of life’s biggest moments, that’s for sure!  And the first thing I thought about was the quilt my own mother embroidered for Elliott when he was born.  I know exactly where that quilt is and I’m washing it today.

For me – that’s the best thing about sewing.  Because nothing says love better than a gift you make for somebody.  When I wrote my book, “Dress Your Dream Bed” – it was right after my mother died.  I inherited a whole trunk full of linens – including two unopened boxes of beautiful cotton percale top sheets and pillowcases she received as wedding gifts.  I remember sitting on the floor, thinking that my Mom was saving these beautiful bed linens for some special occasion…and 50 years later – she died.

That was my “AH HA” moment.  I decided to live in the moment – and use my best stuff, every single day.  My whole criteria changed.  I started to use Aunt Rozella’s silver for any meal both boys came to.  Even if we were just eating pizza – that was the new rule.

Making the family beds became an act of love.  I bought beautiful cotton sheets and embroidered the hem.  Then I would hang them outside – because the smell of line-dried cotton was also a gift from my own mother – and that wonderful smell always snaps me right back to my childhood.

My plan for Lillian Claire is that she’ll have her own bed here at Grandma Rita’s house.  I’ll cover her with the quilt my mother embroidered for her father…and I’ll remember the most important thing is to enjoy THIS moment…

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What a beautiful story.  Bless you and yours, especially the newcomer!!



You are so fortunate to have you Grand child close to you.  My first g-daughter was born two thousand miles away.  She will graduate from High school this year and they only live close to us for about five years.


I agree totally about using your "beautiful" things and not let them sit in the cupboard.  mY mum did this, and never got to enjoy drinking from a Crystal Glass, using her beautiful Linen and using her Bone Handled Cutlery once a year.  I decided that for me that was not going to be.  I use it all with joy and love.

And by the way, I have spent a little time in Puyallup.

June   =   Australia

Just this week I started on quilt blocks for my 1st quilt.  I hope to do it from start to end.  I watch an occasional quilting program on TV, when they're not pre-empted by sports or special programming, & enjoy them a lot.  Both of my grandmothers made quilts.  My Mom wasn't domestic.  I hope to achieve some of those older crafts.  It takes time & patience.  My Mother is fighting colon cancer - 2.5 yrs. now.  She lost most of her eyesight 5 yrs. ago.  She is staying with my husband & me.  Sewing lets me get a little pleasure.  I embellish grandkids garments with machine embroidery, which I also love doing.

Alice Y.  -  Corydon, IN

These are wonderful stories.  Amy, bless you and keep you and yours happy and healthy.


Beautiful story.  Too many times we get caught up in saving for something special... what's more special than life itself!

That was definitely an "ah ha" moment! Thank you so much for sharing it. It made me stop & think. You put some things back in perspective for me.

So often we miss the little special moments because we're waiting for that "special occasion.'

Enjoy every minute with Lillian. One day she'll understand all the love that surrounds her and how her great grandmother's quilt symbolizes that, wrapping her in warmth & security.


cherrylmaree 3/15/2009 10:44:30 AM

Lillian is a very lucky litle girl...enjoy her and best wishes...Cherrylmaree

My mother always said, "If it's too good for me to use, it's too good for me to have!", so I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea in a bone china cup from my collection.  People are much more valuable than things.


janethockenberry 3/15/2009 2:30:11 PM

What a great story.  I have many grandchildren and know your excitement.  Enjoy her.  Embroider much for her.  My mother would save her pretty things for sometime special too.   I like to enjoy all her pretty things now that she is gone  and all my pretty things too.    Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Janet Hockenberry

loved reading the comments and many yrs ago as a struggling single parent someone gave me my first real china set of mugs.The note said use these please--you are worth it.---I accumulated most of the set and use all of it and each time her memory comes up as she left me an important life lesson---we are not guaranteed a long life so enjoy today.Take care

jalcumbrack 3/30/2009 6:08:42 PM

Hello Rita,

Just popped on long enough to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Community Circle in Orlando!

I felt like we had intertwined lives and that you were speaking directly to me. Before 2001 I was the size 4, suddenly at the end of 2001 I became disabled, and taking a ton of medications that I swear every one had the side effect of weight gain! I put on over 100 pounds and have had a very difficult time trying to get rid of it.

I literally crawled into a hole here in my home as I was so embarrassed by this and felt that everyone was constantly staring at me where ever I went. I was ashamed to even let my husband see me, I just felt horrible. It was even starting to affect our marriage.

When I sat in your class that day, I knew you were speaking directly to me. After your presentation I left there feeling confident and more sure of myself than ever before. I also left there with many new ideas for my new wardrobe, which I will sew myself as well as embroider them too.

I just wanted to tell you Thankyou for getting me out of my funk, and bringing me back to the living world. I now know that I am more than just a dress size, I have worth and what I do is important to people. I am working hard to get my business off the ground or should I say out into cyberspace! Now I have the confidence to go out there and achieve my dream!

I can't say Thankyou enough!

Between you and Mary, I left the Community Circle filled with ideas, new designs and patterns and my brain was just bursting with new ideas for designing some more of my own things for my web site. I even wrote them down the minute I got home so I can work on each one and check them off the list when they have come into fruition.

Thankyou ladies for a fun filled weekend and bringing me back to life!


Judy Alcumbrack

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