SEW CRAZY for Community Circle 2009

Hi everybody!  This is Misty and Greg from Sew Crazy in Lake Mary, Florida.  We are SEW excited to be featured as the store at this years Community Circle 2009 event in Orlando, Florida.  We look forward to seeing some familiar faces from around the area and also meet new friends from around the globe.  We will be filling up our onsite store with products from Brother International that will have special event pricing.  Be sure to consult the show schedule for the times that the store will be open.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and invite you to stop by at the show to say hi.  We are a husband and wife team.  Our store has been based in Central Florida for the past 30 years providing both sales and service.  We proudly carry Brother sewing machines and accessories.

March 27th & 28th are going to be exciting and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Store view

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You forgot to mention you sort of sold me my first Brother machine and Greg has been my favorite machine repairman since. Really, folks, he can fix ANYthing!

Finding a good, reliable store to work with is always wonderful.  I am fortunate to have one available in my area, and frankly, there are others around here that I would never recommend.

I look forward to meeting you.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I love to hear about a sewing machine business that has stay "around" so long.  We who shop for machines on a regular or irregular basis know the value of a good dealer.  I have just experienced the opposite of a good dealer and tell anyone who read you blog to shop around for the machine as well as the dealer, even if you have to travel two hours to find one.  Been there, done that, this week.

Stitches to you,


Looking forward to see you and your "on site store" during the Community Event!

Could I please borrow one of the Brother embroidery machines with a USB port during my lecture demos? that way I can draw a redwork or quilt pattern in Pre-Design Studio during my demo class, save it on a USB stick and then show how easy it is to open directy in the machine and embroider!

That would be super.

See you soon,


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