AccuQuilt: Not Just for Quilting

AccuQuilt GO!

If you buy one new piece of equipment this year, this is it. Whether it is the AccuQuilt Baby or the AccuQuilt GO! , these machines are just as useful to embroiderers as they are to quilters. And, for a limited time, you can get upto $10 off AccuQuilt dies sale!

Of course, AccuQuilt is ideal for quilters. Particularly if you have issues with arthritis, poor eyesight, or can't use a rotary cutter with any degree of accuracy, like me. The AccuQuilt cutter is so safe and easy to use it is ideal when sewing with your child or grandchild. Just place fabric on the die, top it with a cutting mat, and turn the handle to feed it through the cutter.

Spend more time sewing. Because you can cut up to six layers of fabric, it saves up to 90% of the time typically spent on cutting and the cuts are exact and easy to repeat. Add fusible web to the back of fabrics before cutting (up to four layers) for quick and easy applique. For all of these reasons, it is also a wonderful machine for embroiderers. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that there are an ever increasing number of embroidery designs on the market digitized to work with AccuQuilt shapes.

As you have seen, (I hope!) I use wool felt for many of my projects. It's nearly impossible to cut duplicate felt pieces with any degree of accuracy. With AccuQuilt dies, you get the same results every time. There is little waste, because the dies are two-tone so you know exactly where to place the fabric. It is great for scrap stashes of all kinds.

AccuQuilt starter die

The GO! machine comes with a cutting mat and a die featuring a 4 1/2" square; 2 1/2" square; and 2" half square finished triangle. It uses its own dies as well as those made for GO! Baby. GO! Baby is compatible with 60 percent of GO! dies.

One word of caution:
Do not use these dies on any other cutter machine. Ever. I was foolish enough to try it and ruined a $30 die.

Ruined AccuQuilt hearts die. 

Here is a great selection of free AccuQuilt patterns for dies on sale now:
 AccuQuilt GO! Home die free pattern. AccuQuilt GO! Ring of Oak die free pattern.

Left: Pattern for AccuQuilt GO! Home die.     Right: Pattern for Ring of Oak die.

AccuQuilt Log Cabin die free pattern. AccuQuilt Hexagon die free pattern.

Left: Pattern for AccuQuilt GO! Log Cabin die.     Right: Pattern for Hexagon die.

AccuQuilt GO! Overhaul Sam die free pattern.AccuQuilt GO! Sunbonnet Sue die free pattern.

Left: Pattern for AccuQuilt GO! Overhaul Sam die.     Right: Pattern for Sunbonnet Sue die.

AccuQuilt 1.5" and 2.5" strip dies and 3" half square triangle dies free pattern.AccuQuilt GO! 1.5" strip die free pattern.

Left: Pattern for AccuQuilt GO! 1.5" strip and 2.5" strip dies and 3" half-square triangle die.     Right: Pattern for 1.5" strip die.

AccuQuilt GO! Zoo Animals die free pattern.AccuQuilt GO! Holiday Accessories die free pattern.

Left: Pattern for AccuQuilt GO! Zoo Animals die.     Right: Pattern for Holiday Accessories die.


AccuQuilt Project

My first most-favorite die is the 2-3-4" hearts. I say "first" because I'm certain I will have several favorites. It works beautifully with the Amazing Designs Applique Quilting Hearts Collection. Check out these posts for projects:

Here is a quick project, just in time for St. Patrick's Day, a shamrock mug mat.

Free AccuQuilt shamrock mug mat project.

Using the AccuQuilt 2-3-4" die, cut four of the smallest hearts from green wool felt. My choice of wool felt is Marcus Brothers. It is extremely soft (70% wool and 30% nylon), but hard to find. My source? The Stash Store.

Use the die included with your AccuQuilt GO! and cut a 4.5" square of ivory wool felt. The quickest finish is to glue the hearts in a shamrock shape on the square and attach another piece of wool for a stem. If you like, you can embroider an applique edge on the hearts like I did with the Memory Heart project. You can also embellish the square edges with a blanket stitch.


Check back often for more AccuQuilt projects, and please share yours in the gallery!

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