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My Anniversary, 5/14/09 Much to my delight, this is my first year anniversary.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Type: Post
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Metallic Thread, 2/13/09 Some embroidery items are more breathtaking than others.  I don’t remember where or when I got Type: Post
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More of those Newbie Mistakes

More of those Newbie Mistakes

There is something interesting about 'Newbie' mistakes, we all make them AND, sometimes the most experienced embroiderer can make them as well - during a moment of forgetfulness.

If you have been reading my blogs for awhile, or read some of them (listed on the left side), you know that I am a big promoter of using the best equipment available.  There is are good reasons for this - let me count the ways -

  • Using the wrong equipment does not help anyone - I have used a knife as a screwdriver, but I now have a number of knives that are just slightly bent at the tip.
  • Doing things manually may have been great for the pioneers, but candle light is for mood lighting, not doing detailed workmanship. 
  • If a carpenter comes to my home to do work but has a dull hand saw, I figure he is not terribly successful, he cannot afford a good saw and he has not figured out to 'sharpen' the saw.
  • Successful crafters and/or DIY persons need supplies, knowledge and the right tools.  There is no such thing as an inexpensive craft - well - not many and they are generally suitable for 8 year olds.
  • YOU deserve to have a hobby - passion that is truly fulfilling.  Remember all the years you put everyone else first?  It is now your turn!



Another issue of significance is the thread used in your project.  There are so many thoughts on this one as well.  Here are the ones that easily come to mind.

  • Trying to use the wrong type of thread.  Use of embroidery thread is an absolute.  However, there are other things that can also happen.  For instance, using the wrong weight of thread is a favorite of mine.  As you are aware, I do bridal hankies.  The small stitching of lettering requires a much lighter thread and needle than you would use for a embroidery design.  It goes beyond that when you find that your coverage is too high or too low for a 'field' of stitches.  This is why a 'discovery sew' (aka stitch out) is important.  You need to see how the design and other ingredients will work together.  It is just like making a cake, change one ingredient and you have a whole different product.
  • Using specialized threads like metallic or silk threads which require special handling.  The metallic blog discusses multiple ways to handle that thread with excellent input from my readers!  That input is appreciated a lot!!!  I hope you add your thoughts that you would like to share at the end of this blog. 
  • Make sure you are using the same thread throughout your design.  Mixing polyester and rayon is asking for trouble with puckering.  That is not the only issue that causes puckering, but it will make trouble for your project.  I will be writing a blog on that very soon.  While the sheen for polyester is not the depth of quality of the rayon, polyester is working at closing the gap but has not happened yet. 
  • Speaking of sheen, remember that the method of stitching creates the 'lay' of the stitches which will change the look of the colors and sheen of your project. 


These may sound like minor issues but they can and will be the cause of a failed project.  That is not an option.  My time and work are worthy of wonderful results.

Speaking of great items that are necessities, Ann has Peggy's Stitch Eraser with a SPECIAL value for this week.  They are offering free shipping and membership in Ann's Club.  I know this is sold all over the Internet for $89.95 and $99.95.  Ann's price - $79.95.  That is value.  Don't forget to check out my Blog it shows just how to use the Stitch Eraser.

Here is my selection for the free design and 'spot light' designer this week.  It is from Concord Collections and it illustrates the changing of the stitch pattern/slant will change the sheen of your thread.  What is really special about this design is the fact that it is in a 'primitive' form but the shading and stitching makes it a quality design. 


And, Starbird Designs is also on sale, at 40% off, you really need to check them out.  I keep things in my 'Wish List' and when on sale - - I am on it!

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