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Speed Test & Copyrights

Speed Test & Copyrights

The following tips can be used for both Windows XP and Vista.

Speed Testing Your PC

If you are among the more progressive computer users, you may just be using ‘wireless' computing. 

There are so many advantages to that networking, not the least of which is the fact that many people can use multiple hardware pieces at the same time without spaghetti all over the place.  That includes a secure (you did create a strong password for your network, didn't you?) Internet connection, printer, scanner and other items can be accessed by multiple users as well. 

If you want to check your speed, this is the place to do it (free, of course):

Here are my personal results:


If I want to see how I am comparing with other users, I select:


And I see I am in the top 90 percentile.


If your numbers are not to your liking, I would start by checking in with your provider of Internet service.  Occasionally you may find that your connection is not a good one and they can reset you to get a better connection.  They can also advise you as to what, if anything, can be done.  My connection is via cable and yours could be one of several varieties, including a dial-up because you live in an area without other services. 

Trademarks and Copyright Information

Because so much information is on the Internet in various forms, I always suggest that you seek out the TM and the © and even the ® marks that may be on a website. 

Many times the entire site is covered by a statement, most likely in the bottom section of the page(s) which indicates that the writer has made certain steps to take care of their work.  The above are generally applicable to the USA, and International sites are covered by International Treaties and Agreements which are similar in nature.

I like to remind myself that I want to be reasonably paid for my work, and I feel certain you feel much the same way.  I may give away lots of free information, but my unique and individual ideas are covered by these rights. 

Just as a way to let you know about some of the penalties, one that stands out in my mind is that of Microsoft.  As a leader in software/hardware/and a large multitude of other things, Microsoft has taken great pains to protect themselves against pirating.  Others such as Disney Corporation and certainly all the recording studios are fighting this battle nearly daily. 

Microsoft has a particularly easy to understand violation for its software.  Naturally, there are all sorts of legal statements and ‘whereas' and ‘furthermore', but the one that catches the most attention is the fact that they have the right to compensation in the amount of $250,000.00 PER offense.

So, let's say that you have an illegal copy of Word, PowerPoint and Excel on three computers at your company or in your home.  Your bill will amount to $2,250,000.00.  Or, when you write that check, you will enter:  Two Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars and no cents.  That is 3 software titles on three computers for a total of 9 offenses.

I think it may be cheaper to buy the software.  There is an alternative, which I have specified in my "PC Tips and Tricks." 

While other copyright rules may not be so harsh, items that are considered to be 'recognizable' fall under this category.  For instance, Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana and similar items are protected under the law. 

Thanks again for reading my blog.  See you in 2 weeks.

Comments (5) -

buglady40475 10/10/2009 10:15:04 AM

Will not work on 64 bit Vista

"free?"   don't think so   thanks for the waste of time.

thecomputerist 10/10/2009 1:27:14 PM

buglady - Actually, there are about 7 versions of Vista, and some will work and some will not.  The average, 'home' user will find it to be helpful.  

eharb - I checked and reviewed the site again, there is no sign of any charge that I could find.  I am uncertain what you are talking about.  Many of these sites may encourage you to purchase their other products.  But, I stand by it, the test is free.   The information is meant to let you know what your speed is, and if there is an issue, do get in contact with your ISP (provider) to see if something can be done.  


eharb - I can attest to the speedtest being free & VERY legitimate.  My ISP actually had me use them to report back the results & said I should use it periodically to detect any slow-down trends/ issues.   There are no catches & no need to sign up for anything & you can go back as often as you like.  

TheComputerist - Thanks for all the great computing tips.  Sometimes we just need a nudge or reminder to do something as basic as creating strong passwords.  

cherrylmaree 10/12/2009 10:17:43 AM

My software warned me not to continue with the speedtest showed a high risk.

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