New Holiday Designs from African Folklore Embroidery

Exciting New Holiday Designs from African Folklore Embroidery

We have several new designs just in time for the Holidays. Some of these include the new Hanukkah designs (this year Hanukkah starts December 1st.) Two special designs that celebrate this holiday include the Hanukah Menorah; it is customary to light a candle on the menorah for eight days. The second kit design is the Hanukkah Dreidel. The tradition on Hanukkah is for children to play games spinning dreidels.  The kits come packaged with easy to follow instructions and you get to choose or use which ever threads you would like.  We have an amazing selection of hand-dyed and variegated African threads, which can be viewed at While chain stitch is the dominant stitch, you can also use other stitches and embellishments such as beading to complete your design.  Completed kit designs can be made into Holiday cards, framed or made into the center of a quilt.  Kits are also great to give as gifts for adults and children eight years and older.

 You are going to love our new Christmas tree designs. Which includes four Christmas trees. These can be stitched and embellished and can also be cut into four areas and each tree made into a Christmas card. One of my students did this and the results were magnificent- you would want to be on her Holiday card list this year.

For those in search of warmth from the cold weather and happen to be in Palm Springs, CA over the Thanksgiving weekend, you can feast your eyes on the winners of the $500 African Folklore Embroidery Challenge.  The exhibition will be on display at MONICA’S QUILT & BEAD CREATIONS, 77780 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92211-6254,  (760) 772-2400 Winners include Madeline Reyes, Judy Dymond and Carol Cunningham Hutte.  There will be a trunk show of our kits, threads and books during this time. Monica’s has an amazing selection of fabric and beads and her store is like Disneyland for the quilter.

In total there are 22 new African Folklore Embroidery kit designs, which we have just been released for the holidays. We invite you to view these designs online at as a special holiday gift, I am giving you $10.00 off when you purchase $50.00 or more online. If you would like a catalog with all the designs and threads, email -subject catalog. Oh and if you want to give someone a great gift for the Holidays, a signed copy of my book, Safari through African Folklore Embroidery is on sale for $19.00.  The book and many of the kits can be purchased here at AnnTheGran as well.  Complete Kits and the holiday special are also available on AnnTheGran.


Two of my favorite new designs are the SNAIL and The Under The Sea Kits.  There is something magical about the shell of a snail. Have you ever looked closely to see all the different shades of brown, the lines and shapes. So intricate and delicate, yet for the snail it is home. 


WASHINGTON STATE JAN 2011- Safari through African Folklore Embroidery


I will be in Washington State - Jan 13, 14th & 15th   2011 teaching and lecturing on African Folklore Embroidery for the Clark County quilt guilds.

9019 NE 86th Street, Vancouver, WA Details and registration or


NEW COMPETITION – WIN $500 cash in the 2011 African Folklore Embroidery challenge at the International Quilt Show in Long Beach. So start stitching and finishing your pieces. Deadline June 30th 2011.


For a list of upcoming lectures/ workshops for 2011 and 2012 or to schedule a program for your guild, contact, Leora Raikin, or (818) 999-6094 

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I was able to see your designs in person recently and I must say that the photos do not do them justice.

Just like a fine piece of art, these are beautiful.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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Embroidering Around the World!

Embroidering Around the World!

Gold Coast, Australia was recently the site of one of the largest embroidery conventions ever held, and yours truly was invited once again to be a guest presenter! It was a fun event with over three hundred embroidering 'Delegates' participating each of the three days and nearly four hundred people for the formal Grand Finale. I met friends new and old, and we all enjoyed the process. Some real 'good' came from this too, which I'd like to share with you: Earlier this year, the city of Brisbane and surrounding areas was hit with flooding that affected tens of thousands of people, displacing them from their homes and obliterating many homes and commercial buildings, including some schools. Brother Australia and Echidna Sewing returned one school's sewing program to normalcy by replacing their sewing machines lost in the flood. And they did it with class; they stepped up with sewing and embroidery combination machines. Thirteen other schools were the recipients of sewing/embroidery machines too, showing that some folks are working hard to get the next generation interested in our hobby! Moved by the schools' commitment to sewing and embroidery, several companies, including ours, also kicked in some goodwill with titles and products for these schools. We even got to meet the teachers involved and got them onstage for some well-earned recognition. If any of you Granners know of a school that teaches embroidery, please let us know and we'll investigate if we can help them too.
Gold Coast Australia
Home scarcely a week, and I was off to Denver for an embroidery event that had hands-on projects and tons of fun! Thanks to Kate and Patrick for producing a wonderful embroidery experience.
Denver Event
Lately, and only partly due to my travels, I've been realizing what an international family embroiderers have become. There was a single day in the early part of this year that I was in communication with customers or distributors or manufacturers in: USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China, South Africa, Costa Rica and Australia. This was just a happenstance, but that evening as the final Skype came in from Italy it occurred to me how connected we all are, and I consider myself better for that fact!

Now for my Mac people, I'll let you know what's going on. We've released version 1.6 Embrilliance Essentials. It took awhile to get the Mac App Store to update it, but they are getting faster, and for that we're thankful! Naturally, you can purchase Embrilliance products right here at ATG which means you will get your updates a bit quicker! You will also see a couple more releases in the near future in repsonse to your feature requests. In the latest version, we've repaired all reported glitches, and added a couple new commands, improved the multi-color fonts, and edited some of the fonts to sew even larger. Did you know that some of the Essentials fonts are designed to fill the largest of your hoops?

We are working hard to keep the Windows and Mac versions in sync - but occassionaly it is a challenge. You might be interested to know that we sell about 50/50 Windows and Mac. With the growing popularity of 64 bit systems on Windows, we see that our 64-bit version is being installed on almost half of the Windows systems, which is cool to us and provides a nice speed-up for those Windows 7-64 owners.

Yes, we are looking at OSX Lion, which when released in July will be the final chapter in OSX. Or so we're told. Once the release is final, we'll do an official compatibility update and let everyone know then. Yes, it will be free to our registered customers.

If you're thinking that maybe a Mac is in your future, I'll just remind you that we include licenses for both Windows and Mac with Embrilliance programs, so you won't have to purchase again later.

We also have iPad embroidery apps running, but we're not entirely certain what to release and when. The issue with an iPad is that, as of now, Apple does not have a standardized way to get embroidery designs on and off the iPad with a USB stick. There are some 3rd party solutions, and we're considering them, but Apple tends to one-up those products when they release their own, so we're holding out for Apple to provide a solution to the file issue. In the meantime we're taking suggestions for iPad apps. Also, we'd like to know how many of you are using Android tablets?

For our card-based machine owners, we have begun the task of enabling our Mac side to write embroidery cards. We're not done with it yet, and progress is back-burner because of the relatively small number of you who need that feature, but I know you'll be glad to hear we're on it. If your machine is USB capable or you have a way to write a card for it, let me please remind you that Embrilliance Essentials will resize with stich recalculation, so you can use many of those larger designs too.

The next bit of news is that we're very close to release of some new products including an editor and a digitizer. We recently finished digitizing some font packs for one of our other products and we used our Embrilliance ABC Digitizer on those. While these products are at a state for internal-use only, we think we'll be able to release something this year, finally!

I'm sorry it has been so long since my last post! As you can see, we've been very busy, but I'll try to pop in more often.
Best Regards,

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