Leftover Minky and those Elusive Binks

A friend gave me some leftover 5" squares of minky fabric the other day.  There were not enough to make a quilt so I pondered what to do with them.  In the meantime someone stepped on the clip that held the baby's pacifier so it didn't get lost.  She really only gets it when she is in the car seat (or in bed) so she didn't really need a clip - just some way to find it again when she decided she needed it.  So here is what we did with some of the squares.

To make a Minky Bink Blankie here is what you need:

Four 5" squares of minky fabric

A simple embroidery design (you can download my flower below)

The extra strap and loop that holds the pacifier (It came with the clip strap although that part never seems to get broken before the actual clip.)

Three  31/2" ribbon lengths of various textures (optional)


Embroidery thread

What you do:

1. Embroider on the square of your choice. 

                Hoop a soft cut-away stabilizer, adhere the square in the hoop with a temporary adhesive such as Lapel Stick.  Use a wash-away on top since the minky has a nap.

                After embroidery cut away the excess stabilizer.  You can sprit the wash-away off (or wait if you are going to wash the finished project before giving it to the baby.)

2.  Sew the quilt.

                With right sides together sew pairs of the squares on one side.

                Then sew sets of two squares together to make two larger four-square pieces. 

                Baste the pacifier strap at on corner.  Baste the 3 looped ribbons on three sides. 

                With right sides together sew the two large squares together leaving an opening to turn.

                Reinforce the pacifier strap by sewing over the seam a couple of times. 

                Turn right side out and sew the opening closed. 

                Sew down the seams between all the squares as if quilting.

                Topstitch around the outter edges.

You are done.

Click here to download the mulit-color satin flower.

We took the rest of the leftover 5" minky squares and made little travel wipes. 

These are easy to take along and soft on the baby's skin.  We simply cut 5" flannel squares (leftover from another project) and placed these with the minky wrong sides together.  Then we serged around the edges for instant little wash cloths.  Quick, fun and useful.  And my stash got smaller instead of larger.  That's all for now.

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Love the little take along wipes. I have lots of left over minky.


Where can you get the oh so cute bear pattern? I love it!!

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