Benefits of Piecing Quilt Blocks in the Hoop

In-the-hoop (ITH) machine embroidery projects have revolutionized how we create quilt blocks. These are just a few of the reasons you should give it a try!

Many of us have been discouraged when trying to stitch quilt blocks from scratch. If you are the slightest bit off in your measurements, the seams don’t line up so rows won’t line up and the project is a bust. Here are just a few reasons why you should give ITH piecing a try.

Quilt as you Go

Much of the time, you are quilting the block as you are assembling it. Batting is placed on the stabilizer and stitched in place before each piece of the block is stitched in place.

Perfect Seams

Seams are everything when stitching quilt blocks. If they are not accurate, the block size will vary and your quilt will suffer as a result. ITH pieced block seams line up perfectly so long as your stabilizer is hooped properly.

No Precutting

Much like an applique, ITH pieced blocks have placement stitches which show where to place the fabric before it is tacked down or stitched to the batting in the hoop. Use up your scraps because you can easily see the size of fabric needed. Trim according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and continue.

Perfect Corners

Block corners will be sharp and line up beautifully.

No Math

Get perfect on-point blocks without all of the math to do. The design will show you exactly where your fabrics will stitch in place.

Cutting Guides

When blocks are done, the outside line serves as a straight edge for cutting final seam allowances before assembling the blocks.

Find the designs shown, and more, here.

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