Great Tags for Gifting Food

If you love to give gifts straight from the kitchen, like jams, jellies and canned goods, I found the perfect designs for you!


Jam                                                                            Enjoy

While looking through the new designs section, I found some great embroidery from Dakota Collectibles and Hopscotch. They are less than three inches square so they stitch up quickly and only require a four-inch hoop.


Beets                                                                    Green Beans

Stitch on felt, trim around the design and add a hanger. You will have a classy tag for gifting the bounty of your harvest!

Salsa                                                           Canned With Love

New neighbors next door? Make a mini gift basket. Add a jar of salsa, a bag of chips, and a bottle of wine. Or homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta.

Honey                                                             Baked With Love

Sick friend? Drop off a jar of soup, some honey, and a loaf of bread.

It is a thoughtful sentiment for holidays, birthdays, special occasions and just for fun!

Debbie SewBlessed

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Excellent idea, terrific blog!

I like the idea of using felt as the fabric for this project. Felt is very forgiving and adds stability to the design.

Just remember that there is a big difference between doing tags that are only 4,000 stitches on a 4" by 4" (Canned with Love) and some of them that have 13,000 stitches on a 4" by 4" (Baked with Love). It means that the stabilizer needs to be increased significantly. I would probably use two sheets of 2.5 weight cutaway stabilizer.

I have long said that you (almost) cannot over stabilize; however, it will cause multiple issues when you under stabilize, a very common situation.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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