Easier Christmas Cookies!

Remember this Christmas cookie tutorial? I showed you how to make freestanding applique Christmas cookies. I found an even easier way to make them using heat-away stabilizer.

Stitch-n-Heat Heat Removable Film by Allstitch is becoming my favorite go-to stabilizer for creating freestanding applique. Stitching on felt, applique becomes freestanding because the satin stitches enclose all of the edges. The key is using a stabilizer that separates cleanly and easily from the cookie.

When creating freestanding applique, heat-away film works so much better than tear-away, which can leave white fiber stands showing through the satin stitches. It is also much easier to use than water-soluble stabilizers because you don't have to soak and rinse anything. You don't even have to turn on the iron because heat-away film tears away beautifully.