Hot Iron Carrier

Hot iron mini iron carrier

I originally created this project for my daughter, a cosmetologist, so that she could take her curling irons and flat iron home before they were cool enough to handle. Then, I decided it would be perfect for transporting mini irons when traveling or taking classes.It is very simple, particularly if you have a serger. Kate had an adorable red ladybug tote, so I chose this coordinating fabric. You will also need a piece of batting and a piece of Iron Quick, the shiny, silver, heat-resistant fabric used for ironing board covers, hot pads, and casserole carriers.

Hot iron mini iron carrier diagram

Cut one piece  4" x 9" of each: Iron Quick, batting, and cotton fabric. I used regular low-loft quilt batting, but there also are heat-resistant battings available, namely Therma-Flec and Insul-Bright.


Because the fabric already matched an embroidered tote, and there wasn't much blank space on the fabric print, I didn't embroider anything on the front. In retrospect, I could have added a monogram.


If you want to add embroidery, stitch as desired on the cotton fabric and remove it from the hoop. Make a "sandwich" with Iron Quick shiny (side down), batting in the middle, and fabric (right side up).

Hot iron mini iron carrier stitching diagram

Serge across both short ends. These will create the opening for the hot pocket. Fold the sandwich in half (Iron Quick is on the inside, shiny sides together, fabric right sides are out) to create the pocket for a curling iron or mini iron. Serge along both long sides and it's done!


If you don't have a serger, stitch traditionally. Place the Iron Quick (shiny side up) on bottom, then fabric (right side down), and batting. Stitch around three sides and turn inside out so that the right side of the fabric is out and the Iron Quick (shiny side) is inside the pocket. Then stitch the end closed.


So, whether you are traveling, taking a class, or making this as a gift, this carrier will keep hot surfaces in check.


Debbie SewBlest

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