Clippie Fun - Zipper Charm designs

I love to make things from embroidery designs that were not created for the purpose I have in mind.  Hair clippies are so popular, I thought of Dakota Collectibles' Zipper Charm designs


 I used these designs:

For each clippie, you will need:

  • 2-4 inch squares of felt– color in range of thread color of design
  • Tearaway stabilizer– black for darker design, white for lighter ones
  • 2 inch metal metal snap clip


1) Hoop your stabilizer only– black for dark designs, light for light designs. Pin the felt to the stabilizer, making sure to keep the pins out of the stitching area. You could use tape if you prefer.


2) Stitch all of the colors except the last one which will be the border around the outside of the design.  Remove hoop from machine, but do not remove stabilizer and design from hoop.


3) Design will look this way on back. Take the other piece of felt and completely cover the back of the design. Tape down the felt or use pins on the top side being careful to keep the pins out of the embroidery area. I do not recommend temporary spray adhesive because it makes it harder to remove the stabilizer. Stitch the final color– the outline.


4) Your design will be finished.


5) Remove from hoop and tear the stabilizer away from the stitching between the two pieces of felt. Using small, sharp scissors, trim the felt away close to the stitching (about 1/8”) being careful not to clip the stitches. If you use felt that better matches the color of the design, you will not notice the felt border around the design.


6) Make slits on each side of the clippie, cutting only through the back layer of felt. Insert the clippie. To be sure it does not slip out, you may put some glue on the part of the clip that will be inserted in the slit, or some clips have small holes so that you can hand stitch them to the single layer of felt.


7) Some of the designs do not have enough space for the clip to be completely hidden when inserted in the back felt. In that case, you can trace around the clip on two layers of felt that matches the back of your finished clippie and then straight stitch the marked pattern. Slit the clip cover you have made through one layer only and insert the clip. Then glue the cover to the back of the finished clippie. To make sure the glue sticks, I use a couple of clothes pins to hold them together until dry. See the turtle in the picture to see one that has this type of clip holder.


Your young ladies will love these! Mine do. 

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