Amazing Lace Bowl from a Doily

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When is a doily not a doily? When you make it into a bowl! completed bowl

Start with the Lace Doily collection from Dakota Collectibles.

First, create the butterfly doily shown here as a bowl. It's pretty neat the way this in-the-hoop project goes together. First, you hoop two layers of water-soluble mesh stabilizer in a 5" x 7" hoop. Then embroider the first section of the doily.



trim close



Remove the stabilizer from the hoop. Trim away the stabilizer, close to the stitching as shown.






Hoop more soluble stabilizer and stitch the placement stitches. This is where you will lay the previously completed section. placement linePlace the trimmed section on the placement line and tape in place. You will be creating the next section of the doily and attaching it to the first one as you stitch.








Continue stitching in this way until all of the sections are completed. Trim sections








When all sections of the doily are complete, dip the entire doily in a bowl of water and swish around gently to dissolve the stabilizer. Then, find a bowl of suitable size and lay the wet doily over it, When it dries, it will have taken on the shape of the bowl, and can be used as a decorative item or to hold lightweight objects. But mostly, it will be used to impress your friends and family - it's Amazing Lace!


May embroidery always bring you joy,

Deborah Jones

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