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Many of us who are embroidery enthusiasts love to create wonderful projects for those who we love.  Included in that group can be youngsters who have a slightly different taste for clothing that we have. 

You know who I mean; it is those crazy kids like grandchildren, nieces and nephews who just love whatever is ‘in' right now.  I think our parents thought we were a little crazy too with perhaps 3 or more crinolines under our poodle skirts or those cardigan sweaters that we wore buttoned up and backward. . . .

Today's kids are no different.  They want something that makes them feel like they are like their idols - - - including tattoos.

Ugh, tattoos are not, IMHO, a fashion statement.  I cannot think of a worse way to spend money but then again, I am just a little ole lady and what do I know???

Then one day it occurred to me that embroidery was the same as a tattoo!  It is a tattoo for fabric. 

Creating an item for younger person can be really terrific for both the embroiderer and the recipient if you can agree about the design.

Looking at the variety available, you are going to love these by New Amazing Designs -





There are a total of 26 designs and when you use your Catalog Xpress, you can adjust the size to exactly meet your needs.

I can see these on a t-shirt that your young recipient will love to wear.  This is one special way to bridge the generation gap fantastically.  The wings can be reversed for a pair, see my Endless Hooping blog for instructions.

I can even see these on a quilt, out of 26 designs, you can make one for someone special for a cool wall hanging.  Use black velvet and have it framed for a teenager who may be into Gothic designs.

The ideas are endless.  Be sure to use a good stabilizer to span the long area if you decide to use the wings.  IMHO Ann's stabilizers are the best.  Not only are they well priced, but the quality is unsurpassed.

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good idea

It's good to give something you like, better to give something your loved one likes!  Thank you for the good ideas.

I am very interested in your comments, I am a senior and have no one to help me improve my embroidery.  I have a Brother NV1500D and most outlining on the built in designs is off resulting in a bad result.  I returned it to the supplier on 2 occasions who told me it was my mistake and the second time I asked him to stitch the designs out and his were no better than mine.  I now only embroider designs from Ann the Gran and a few others which stitch great.


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