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First, let me say I am a "beginner"! This is my first embroidery machine....I have wanted one since I first saw then in JoAnn's Fabrics years ago, and was just recently able to afford one!! LOL!!

One thing I haven't figured out yet......I received a "extras" package with my machine, and it included several different hoops, which all fit my machine. The problem? I have one hoop that is about a foot long by 6 inches wide (I'm guessing the size right now, as I don't have it in front of me). I would guess (I never know what that does!) that is for a longer line of text/words. My question is machine won't go over a pattern that is (I think)5 inches by 7 inches. So, how in the world would you size for something bigger? Or can you? My other guess is that it would take a different carriadge arm, seeing as it would have to be able to "move" to those specific close am I? LOL!! Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!!

Bobbie Big Smile

#2 Posted : Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:14:20 AM(UTC)

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As with any new craft, there are things to be learned. You are on your way!  As a Newbie (we love you!) you will find things that don't look right. It is normal!

That hoop is for your 5" by 7" and the actual area is more, but the computer/machine needs some leeway for doing its job. You can turn patterns to accommodate your hoop.  Your machine is 5" by 7" hoop compatible, but no larger. There will be other options for you later, but for now, lets do some fun stuff!

I highly recommend that you do the tutorial here in this section. It gives you a project that is fun and quick. It gives you information for your start up.

Patterns that are over 5 by 7 will not sew out directly in your hoop. You must 'split' a design that is larger - but save that for when you are more knowledgeable. It does require a software that you probably did not get with your start up kit. 

Ask questions, read, read and then practice - return to reading. . . .

You are going to love what your new hobby can do including but not limited to great gifts for people of all ages. I personally love giving pillowcases for everyone. I also did a jillion totes for my friends. Anything that does not eat is subject to being embroidered.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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Is this addressed in the manual for the machine? 

It could be a re-positionable hoop for stitching out more than one design per hooping.  Example of different hoops -

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HI Bobbie

Just to let you know...your machine has a 5 x7 embroidery area but you can expand the area by attaching the 6 x10 hoop and moving the hoop to sit on different pegs.  Basically you can embroider in one area and then move the hoop so that the other slots set in another area and you  can add more designs.  If you have PE-Design you can make a larger design that will fit in your hoop  and when you "save"
 the design to fit the hoop, the design will be split into separate regions that set in the various areas of the larger hoop.  Consequently you will have 2 embroidery files for one design.

#5 Posted : Monday, March 14, 2011 5:30:08 AM(UTC)

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Hello June!

I had forgotten that this machine can do as you have noted.  I gave my PE700 up several years ago but I do remember what a terrific machine it was, especially for someone who is a beginner.

The PE700 series is the best for beginners to be able to really sink their teeth into embroidery.  It is a keeper and I really miss having mine. They are great for keeping around when you need multiple machines or your newest baby is in the shop.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

#6 Posted : Thursday, January 05, 2017 4:43:27 AM(UTC)

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thanks for your help in getting extra hoops! I like your forum!
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