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My eldest favorite daughter (I also have a youngest favorite daughter) decided she wanted to make a rag quilt. They are shabby chic, typically created with muted colors, fringed all around and stitched with ragged edges showing on one side. The more they are washed, the more comfortable they become.... [More]
Top 10 Things You Won't Hear a Machine Embroiderer Say

Top 10 Things You Won't Hear a Machine Embroiderer Say

I once asked for some input from a couple of embroidery groups that I follow on social media. The question: Name something that you will never hear a machine embroiderer say."

Here are my top 10 favorite answers:



“I have enough thread, I don’t need any more.” 

Jutta Duncan


“I will never buy another embroidery design.”

Sandy Mowery Taylor


“I can totally stop buying supplies I don't need just because they are on sale.”

Kimberly Martindale Pappe


“My embroidery room is big enough; everything is in it's place!”

Nancy Wagner Burrell


“My 6 needle machine sews big enough and fast enough. I don't want one that sews faster or has bigger hoops!”

Rebecca King Odle

 “My designs always stitch out great the very first time!”

Toni Leli


“Nah, I never stay near my single-needle embroidery machine because nothing ever goes wrong!”

Cyndi Block-Hessler


“I never have to throw away a design because I used the wrong stabilizer.”

Delorus Freer Jarrett 


“Of course I've never had the machine needle stab me, I have never had my finger any where near the needle.”

Carol Blaha 


"Where is my medication?"

Cynthia Chalfant 

Care to add to the list?

Debbie SewBlest

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"My DH  just texted me and told me I could get the machine I really want."

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

These 3 shades of blue will be all I ever need for my projects.  After all, blue is blue, right?

(I just keep thinking of more things all the time. . . )
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Haha, these are great Pat!

ret07@comcast.net 4/24/2017 10:00:41 PM

I have never really enjoy posting my finish projects on public media. Cheryl

Good one, ret07!

Another good one, Cheryl!

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