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  • The World's Easiest Sewing Machine Cover

    Sometime last year I wrote about using a small tabletopper as an easy, casual cover for sewing machines.  My sewing room collects dust like crazy and I know it's not good for the machines.  Over the last few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed walking into my sewing room and being greeted by the pretty monograms and designs I stitched on those tabletoppers.  So much so, that I was thinking of ways I could have something different for each month of the year.  Using a tabletopper would not be practical as far as my wallet goes, so I was thinking of other ways I could make one for each month.  Another thing I always have to consider is time.  I have to keep my projects to about a hour or two and no more.  If I don't get something done in that time frame, it may never get done.  If it gets set aside to work on later, I might never get back to it---I might find a new quilt kit between now and then that just begs to be opened and cut into.  So once I sit down to make an easy project, I have to get it done then!  So with those two important factors in mind, I thought maybe a kitchen tea towel would be just the thing---and it worked beautifully!  Here's a photo of the two I completed this afternoon:


    All I did was take a tea towel (found here) and place it over the sewing machine.  I printed a paper template of my design and used the paper template to determine where I want to put the design on the towel to be visually appealing.  Complete the stitching and finish it out how you like.  Here's some helpful hints for you:



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