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  • Quick and Easy Spring Pillows

    This great project idea came from one of my officemates, Kimberly.  She stumbled on this great article on making "flowers" from buttons and we'll share it with you:  All you need is a few inexpensive bags of buttons like this:


    and don't forget to pick up your vintage gingham trim dishtowels here!

    Once the flowers are made, go ahead and embellish your towels with the fun Springtime designs of your choice.  Your towel will look like this:

    Take a pillow form of your choice of sizes.  The ones we like to use are either 12x12 or 12x16 in size, depending on the look we're wanting.  Wrap the towel around the pillow and determine where your side seams need to be.  Turn the towel inside out and stitch up the sides.  Turn it right side out and you're done!  ('s really that fast!)

    There are NO LIMITS on this project--you can use your creativity and really go nuts, or just copy what Kimberly did!  I like the way she used the variegated thread in the lettering shown above---it really changes the whole look of the wording!

    Also you can embroider on a whole range of other items, check out the sale right now : Click Here To Receive a FREE Hemstitched Guest Towel with the purchase of ANY Embroiderable Blanks Product 

    We also stitched up a couple towels for the Easter holiday that's soon upon us.  Here are those ideas for you:

    Enjoy your gardens and the fresh air and the sounds of Spring--but take a few minutes to enjoy your sewing machine too!

    All the best,


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